blurbbrandHow do you build loyalty with your customers and differentiate yourself from your competition? The answer is by creating and maintaining a strong brand. A strong, well-managed brand is the foundation to a successful business.

blurbprPR is a crucial component to any business, that if you aren’t utilizing and engaging in properly, can cause you to miss out on opportunities to propel your business forward and build your buzz in a cost effective manner.

blurbsmmWhat your current and/or potential customers can learn about you online has the ability to greatly influence and sway their buying decisions. Without a social media management plan in place, you could potentially lose out on customers and delay the growth of your company!

blurbconsWe provide consultations and empower you with knowledge, insights and tips for implementation through proven facts to help create enduring and lasting success for your company and with your business endeavors.

PR, Social Media Management and Branding services to make your vision a successful reality

We at The B3Vision Group get to know you and the company that you are building, or are in the process of creating. From that, we develop insights that lead to strategic courses of action, all tailored specifically for your company.

We are NOT traditional. We are creative, innovative and responsive.

We ARE unorthodox in our approach. We are passionate about our work and the needs of our clients.

We CONSTANTLY think outside the box.

We CONSISTENTLY get positive results and help our clients gain the success they desire by acknowledging and conquering their respective industry’s challenges, while embracing their individual goals.


“B3Vision Group has been my brand manager for the last four years. They have been instrumental in all things regarding the ICB brand, from social media campaigns to college speaking tours. They keep my brand aligned with the right partnerships & projects. I never have to second guess my companies’ futures because they are right beside ICB keeping us on track.”

“The B3Vision Group is absolutely amazing! Since day one she has shown me nothing but class, elegance and resilience. Your work ethic is impeccable and you always means business!!! One of the best in the industry and their business is one I would definitely use again.”

“I don’t even know where to begin!! I can’t say THANK YOU enough for the work that you have done and will continue to so for me! Your personality is bigger than life and it’s the main reason I stick with you. Working with you never feels like actual WORK. I love that when I am having a moment you bring me back to life with the personality and vibrancy that is very much needed! I look forward to continuing our journey TOGETHER!!! Again THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!”



B3V is known for our expertise and knowledge in traditional and digital Public Relations, as well as our work launching and repositioning brands. We ensure effective and wide reaching awareness within your industry and the public at large.

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